6 Signs your cat really loves you

Oct 19, 2020 Nutrition in the life cycle

Does she love you as much as you love her? It’s not always easy to tell. As a pet owner, you only want the best for your special kitty – and this includes forming a great bonding relationship.

Cats do a lot of things on their own terms, including the way they show affection. Unlike dogs, our feline family members aren’t always as straightforward with their emotions. Luckily there are a few unique behaviours cats will display to let you know that you’re their favourite person.

Clues your cat loves you

  1.  Head-butts. Cats mark their territory using scent glands on their chin, cheeks and head. When your cat rubs up against your head, she’s affectionately claiming you as part of her family.
  2. Grooming (you). If your kitty starts licking your arm or hand, consider this a compliment – your cat trusts you and considers you a close companion.
  3. Kneading. This action of massaging is said to be associated with the comfort of nursing. If your cat kneads your lap, see this as a special sign of happiness and trust.
  4. Nibbling. Using your fingers as a chew toy is a sure sign that your cat considers you her best friend. Cats have tougher skin than us, so if a love bite goes beyond a gentle nip, simply direct her attention away to a game or a toy.
  5. Curving tail tip. If your kitty’s tail looks like a question mark (straight up with the tip slightly curved), consider this international cat language for friendship and happiness.
  6. Slow blink. Cats communicate a lot with their eyes. Staring at you and blinking slowly is one of the biggest tells that your furry family member loves and trusts you.

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