Should you hire a pet sitter or choose a dog hotel this holiday?

Nov 24, 2020 Nutrition in the life cycle

Your holiday checklist is shrinking fast and you’re ready for the holidays. There’s just one final big decision left – who’s going to look after your dog? The last thing you want is to worry about him while you’re away. And, as convenient as asking a friend to stay over is, the shortlist of those volunteering to house-sit are few and far between.

So what’s a loving pet owner like yourself to do?

Well, you’ve got two options:

You can hire a caring, qualified pet-sitter or you can book your dog into a good pet hotel.

 Here are a few pros and cons of each option to help you narrow down your choice and ensure that your dog is happy, safe and cared for while you’re away from home.



  • This option is usually less stressful for most pets
  • Your home has an extra security measure in place
  • Special one-on-one attention for your dog


  • This is a personal service and may be more expensive
  • During busy seasons, good pet sitters get booked months in advance
  • Your dog might not respond well to a pet sitter



  • Some dog hotels offer webcam monitoring for pet owners
  • Opportunities to exercise, play sessions and extra walks
  • Food and medication monitoring


  • A new and unfamiliar environment can trigger high-stress levels in your dog
  • Close proximity to other dogs that could expose your pet to health problems
  • Your dog might not receive priority/special attention


At the end of the day, your choice depends on your dog’s temperament, needs, age and health.

  • Start here: Look at the pros and cons of each option, do as much research as possible, and get references. Visit the dog hotel and schedule in-person interviews with potential pet sitters to meet your dog before making any big decisions.

Your dog deserves the best and his safety and comfort should be your top priority. Once that’s checked off, you can enjoy a well-deserved holiday with peace of mind that your dog is in excellent hands.