10 Ways to improve your relationship with your dog

Aug 19, 2020 Nutrition in the life cycle

The bond between you and your dog is special. Your canine buddy might be more than a family member to you – maybe you consider him your personal confidant, best friend or therapist. Just like any great relationship, life-long bonds are built on trust, connection, and consistency.

Dogs have a unique way of tuning in with our emotions and solidifying their place in the family. As a dog parent, it’s important to create a deep, meaningful bond that goes beyond feeding time – and the occasional healthy snack.


  1.  Prioritise quality time. Give your dog at least 30 minutes a day of undivided attention – this can include cuddling, playing or training.
  2. Study body language. By learning more about your dog, you’ll be able to pick up when he’s nervous, happy or upset and respond accordingly.
  3. Keep things calm. Even if you’re not yelling, animals pick up on stress, which can cause anxiety. As far as possible, try to maintain a peaceful environment at home.
  4. Be clear and consistent. Communicate clearly and keep consistent when it comes to rules and training. This will help to avoid misunderstandings and improve trust.
  5. Do mini-training sessions. Training will help teach your dog how you expect them to behave. It will also help you earn their trust.
  6. Show affection. Some dogs love a good tummy rub, others prefer a gentle pat on the head. Find out what your dog likes.
  7. Note what your dog likes and dislikes. Pay attention to foods, games and preferences – this will make you the ultimate source of joy for your canine buddy.
  8. Experience nature together. You’ll get to know each other better and develop a deeper connection by exploring a mini adventure together.
  9. Look at each other. Just a few moments of eye contact a day can deepen your connection and promote feelings of well-being.
  10. Take a nap together. If your dog enjoys lying close to you, chances are he feels safe and protected. Enjoy some cuddle time!