A quick guide to walking your dog during summer

Dec 07, 2020 Adult Dog Nutrition, Nutrition in the life cycle

As a proud pet owner, you know that your dog needs exercise. It’s an essential part of keeping him healthy and happy. This goes for the summer months, too.

Below, we’re sharing a few tips for walking your dog during warmer months while ensuring that he’s always safe and protected from the possibility of heatstroke.

Plan for hot days

Check your weather app the day before to plan the best time to walk. On hot days, preferably take your dog for a walk in the early morning or late evening when the ground is cooler.

Hand test: Before going for a walk, hold your palm flat on the ground for 10 seconds. If it’s too hot for you to keep it there, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.

Tips to keep your dog comfortable during summer walks:

  1. Try to stick to walkways, grassy areas or dirt paths
  2. Carry a collapsible dog bowl and a bottle of water
  3. Seek out as many shady areas as possible

Sunscreen for dogs

Just like us, dogs get sunburnt too. Dogs with thin, white or light-coloured fur or pink, exposed skin are especially prone to getting burnt. Chat to your vet about pet-safe sunscreen options to protect your dog’s skin, ears and nose when going for summer walks.

Post-walk ideas and tips

Make sure that your dog has plenty of freshwater available and a cool, shady area to relax in after a walk. Here are a few things you can do to make him even more comfortable:

  • Put ice cubes in your dog’s water bowl
  • Layout damp towels for him to lie on
  • Invest in a dog-friendly splash pool

Remember to keep it fun

Summer might not be the season for power walks, but with a little planning ahead, walks can still be safe and enjoyable for your dog. Consider stopping for a lazy game of tug, let your dog sniff around, or simply relax under a tree for a leisurely water break.